71 Swann Road, Taringa

We operate with the understanding that it’s the communities in which we develop that afford us the privilege to be in business.

Our Proposal

A collection of boutique, spacious apartments appealing to local owner occupiers 

Taringa Infrastructure Contributions

Over $425,000 will be directly provided to Council in infrastructure contributions to improve local roads, parks, stormwater, etc. from our project. 

In total, Mosaic has provided approximately $2 million in infrastructure and utility contributions to help improve Taringa and surrounds within the past four years through our award winning projects.

Key Community Considerations

Green Living

Our proposal includes bicycle spaces for each resident and plenty for visitors to encourage less car use.

Parking Requirements

We understand the importance of parking for local residents, therefore we have exceeded the Council requirement of parking in our proposal for resident and visitor spaces by allocating all 3 bedroom apartments 2 car spaces.

Neighbour Privacy

Ensuring privacy and minimising overlooking was a central consideration for our design through aspects such as increased window hoods and screening. Compared to the earlier design approved on this site, our design reduced rear facing balconies from 9 to only 3 and reduced rear facing apartments from 16 to only 6.

Extensive Landscaping

The Council requirement of landscaping and deep planting has been exceeded in our proposal through shady streetscape greenery and a communal garden at the rear of the site.

Proven Track Record

We are committed to providing good quality development to Taringa and surrounds long-term, shown through the successful delivery of our past projects…

Priory Street, Indooroopilly

UDIA Qld Winner Best Medium Density Project comprising of 21 spacious apartments.

Clarence Road, Indooroopilly

A collection of 19 thoughtfully designed, modern and spacious apartments built to stand the test of time.

What is the zoning and what does it mean? 

Zoning guides the type of development that is encouraged to occur in a location.

The zoning of our site is ‘Medium Density Residential’ (MDR) which encourages a mix of dwellings types such as apartments and town houses (up to 5 storeys).

FAQs From The Community

We invest significant time in recognising the needs and concerns of the local community to ensure we conduct a considerate construction period. Mosaic will be implementing the following processes to reduce the impacts wherever possible:

  • Implement dust supression techniques during earthworks and excavation.
  • Invest significant time into planning how our site will interact with the main road and footpath to ensure optimal safety of pedestrians and other vehicles. More information on this coming soon.
  • Committed to keeping the community fully updated and informed with enough time to prepare for specific construction works.

The community will have full access to frequent site updates and have a dedicated site and community engagement team to contact during the process.

Mosaic is a fully vertically integrated developer, meaning we manage everything from site acquisition, through to design, development, sales, construction and even property management. We stay involved with our buildings long after they have been built, so we can maintain the quality of our product and our occupants – typically for a minimum of 25 years.

This project consists of spacious and luxurious apartments targeted towards local owner occupiers.

  • 14 x 3 bedroom apartments
  • 1 x 2 bedroom apartment
  • 1 x 3 bedroom penthouse

If you have any further sales related questions please get in touch with our Brisbane Sales Manager CJ Van Peppen on 0411 427 701 or cj@mosaicproperty.com.au.

Construction is currently expected to begin January 2019 and complete in January 2020.

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Meet and Contact the Team

We want to hear from our neighbours, which is exactly why we set up a dedicated community engagement team at Mosaic. We believe it’s important that we get to know your concerns and answer any questions you may have, so please get in touch so we can keep you well informed every step of the way.

Chris Boyle

Community Engagement Manager

Ellie Watford

Ellie Watford

Community Engagement Assistant

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If your matter is urgent, please contact
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